Baraka Telecom offers the first dedicated MVNE solution in South East Asia. The Baraka solution features Tier 1 carrier grade equipment and advanced prepaid and BSS solutions required to support the demanding South East Asian market.

Baraka’s vision is to:

  • Build partnerships with MVNOs and MNOs, where rewards and risks are shared
  • Enable MVNOs throughout South East Asia, irrespective of size
  • Decrease the Time to Market for MVNOs
  • Offer flexible platforms and service offerings to ensure MVNO business success
  • Provide a Customer and Service focused offering to Baraka‚Äôs MVNO partners

Every MVNO is different and has different requirements; the Baraka MVNE solution was built with this in mind. Baraka Telecom enables an MVNO to get to market quickly with a competitive offering, at a manageable cost. Baraka offers a flexible and modular architecture enabling MVNOs to choovse the services and features which they require.Baraka Telecom was founded in 2008 in Malaysia. Baraka Telecom is part of the Reach Telecom Group.